It’s that time of year again. The schools are closing for the holidays, and the kids are asking what they can do. If you didn’t book ahead for any activities or don’t want to break the bank, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of our top playgrounds across Perth, where your kids can burn off all that energy!

 1. Robot Park, Piara Waters

The Newhaven Estate Robot Park in Piara Waters is unlike any of the parks that are found in Perth. Catering for kids of all ages, it has an industrial robot theme throughout, with a mixture of sand and water-related featured.

Its key feature is the brightly coloured giant robot’s head where kids can climb through it and go down the slide that’s hidden in the middle.

Photo Credit: Kids Around Perth

2. Heathcote Reserve, Applecross

A staple in the playground arena is Heathcote Reserve in Applecross. This large pirate ship playground was restored in 2017 and given a fresh coat of paint, new wooden decking, new handrails and sand. The result? It looks brand new and will result in hours of fun.

So, bring your kids down to play on the ship, with picturesque views over the river!

3. Faulkner Park, Volcano Playground, Belmont

If you are looking for a playground option that will keep your kids occupied all morning, then look no further. This park’s centrepiece is the giant volcano that kids can climb up and a path that prams and wheelchairs can use. Every 15-20 minutes, the volcano erupts “steam” up into the air (actually vaporised water).

The park has a flying fox for the kids and a separate shaded play area with sand pits, swings and climbing frames.

Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

4. Cockburn ARC Waterslides

If you are looking for something indoors, where your kids can still burn off heaps of energy, then the Cockburn Leisure Centre should be your next stop. This centre boasts pools, water play areas and some exhilarating water slides that the kids can zoom down.

Entry into the pool only is $7 for adults and $5.20 for children. For the water slides + pool entry, the cost is $15.40 for adults and $12 for children with no time limits on how long you can stay for. That’s the perfect day out if you ask us!

5. The Maze, Bullsbrook

Looking for a day out of the house with plenty of activities to keep the kids busy? The Maze in Bullsbrook offers all of this and more for your family! The Maze, as its name suggests, has a variety of year-round activities for your kids to enjoy.

From the wooden maze to the hedge maze to maze brain teasers, there is something for kids (and adults) of all ages. Entry is $24.50 for adults and $16 for children and allows for entry all day across all activities, including mini golf.

Photo Credit: The Maze
Photo Credit: The Maze

6. Jo Weatley Park, Dalkeith

Situated in Dalkeith, the Jo Wheatley Park presents a play space that is purposely built so that children of all ages and abilities can enjoy. Wheelchair access has been installed throughout to ensure that there are no out of bounds areas.

The park is situated over 10,000 square metres, is fully fenced, has a flying fox, sensory garden, table tennis tables, a variety of swings and much more.

7. The Hales Park, Forrestfield

The Hales Park is just the latest new adventure playground that has popped up in Perth. The Hales Park is a nature-based play area, with its focal point being the 9-metre-tall wooden tower that holds a 14-metre-long tunnel slide!

While this park is aimed at older children, toddlers and smaller children may prefer the sand pits, which are located under shade sails.

Photo Credit: Buggybuddys
Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

8. Catalina Beach Park, Mindarie

Like the Hales Park, the Catalina Beach Park in Mindarie’s main feature is a massive 8-metre tall tower with an enclosed slide for kids to race down. The ascent to the top is split into stages so there is no danger of high falls.

On ground level, there are in-ground trampolines set in rubber, tunnels to crawl through, and musical instruments to play.

9. Vale Adventure Park, Aveley

Another new adventure playground on the map is Vale Adventure Park in Aveley, which was built in October 2017. Bring your kids together and let them race each other down the dual flying fox. Or perhaps challenge them to find “dinosaur bones” that are hidden in the sand.

For kids willing to get a little wet, there is a water play area where water comes from a push button tap. The water travels through the three wooden troughs before spilling into the rocks at the bottom of the activity.

10. Whale Playground, Scarborough

Lottery West funded the new Whale Playground in Scarborough in 2017, and is a great way to cap off our top 10. The playground features a blue whale skeleton as its main feature that runs throughout the play area. With ramps through most of the park, the play area is wheelchair and pram accessible.

Conveniently located next to grassed areas, the skatepark and the ocean, this playground can be incorporated into a larger family day out.

Photo Credit: Perthplay

With local councils across Perth dedicated to providing more public spaces that families can enjoy, these are just some of many great playgrounds and facilities that you and your kids can enjoy these school holidays and all year round!