For the most part, no matter where in Australia you live, there are loads of highly desirable homes that have multiple applicants knocking at the door. On top of this, the rental market can be just plain brutal.

If you’ve been to a rental home open recently, there are often several others competing for the property. Plus, you can guarantee that a good handful of these probably are really experienced in applying for rentals. They don’t dilly-dally with the application, they know what they want and they abide by the 8 tips to winning their dream rental home.

Without further ado, here’s our little helping hand to you, so you can be the top rental applicant – it may even be a property managed by Benchmark Specialist Property Managers!

Get the documentation right!

As above; loads of people will be applying for the same rental property. It’s probably well located in a great suburb, and priced competitively to keep vacancy rates down. So how do you make sure you have all the tenancy forms and documents needed so that you are on top of the applicant pile? It’s surprisingly simple. When you turn up to a rental you’ve seen online, and really like what you see, go to the inspection ready with all of the relevant paperwork. Bring a completed application form, print off copies of your payslips or proof of employment, bring some current photo identification like your drivers licence, and write up a smart, sincere and compelling cover letter (remember to include your references).

Make copies of these documents and have them nicely packaged up to make the property managers job easier. For those documents that need to be certified, certify in advance and make sure the copies are certified too!

It’s a digital age. Apply online.

Lots of properties for lease can be applied for online. Even if there’s not a complete application form, at the very least you will be able to submit an online enquiry so that the property managers know you’re keen and are ready to take action.

Be a leader and rally your housemates

Although your friends or current housemates don’t need to view the property for rent, they will need to submit the same application forms as you. So make sure you don’t turn up empty handed by gathering their forms and various documents too. Better still, take them along, because the rental hunting experience can be really fun! Another benefit is that the property manager gets to meet all of the prospective tenants. After all, this article is about securing the rental you want ahead of your competition. So work together and present an honest and united front when you meet the property manager.

Tardiness is the phantom killer

If you’re scheduling a private viewing, or informed the property manager that you’ll be ‘swinging by’, stick to the agreed time or provide ample cancellation notice. In a digital world, it’s easy to make new plans and bail on your commitments. Just because it’s easy doesn’t make it right.

There’s always a que for great rentals, so not only will you miss the rental opportunity to somebody more proactive, but you’ll also be labelled ‘one of those people’.  Consider that your first few engagements with the property manager will be for viewings and negotiations. If you’re late, hard to get hold of and unresponsive, it doesn’t make for a strong case as a reliable tenant.

Easy is breezy

Be on time, prepare your paperwork and make the process a breeze for the property manager. Yes, the property manager is there to keep a close eye on the property over the course of your tenancy to meet the standard of service promised to the landlord, but they’re also there to work with happy tenants who are organised and want to harbour a strong professional relationship. There’s no harm in asking the tough questions, but over complicating the process unnecessarily won’t help you get into the rental of your dreams. Instead, you’ll miss out to someone who had their forms ready to go, turned up top the inspection on time and was fun to engage with.

Look good, feel good, be good

You’re not attending a formal dinner; though you are representing yourself as an applicant. Dress appropriately for the inspection and for meetings at the property manager’s office. They’ve made the effort to be as professional and courteous as possible so you feel welcome and comfortable, so do the same and switch out your beach wear for smart casual attire. The greatest advantage here is that you’ll look like you mean business. You’re not window shopping and you’re ready to secure this tenancy deal!

Manners go a long way

Combine point 6 with a well-mannered front, and you’re sure to be memorable for the right reasons which will propel you up the applicant shortlist.

Be keen, but not too keen

You could treat the post application process much like you would teeing up a second date with a love interest. You want them to know you’re interested without becoming a nuisance. Send an email thanking them for their time during the inspection and application phase, and then be patient. It can take time for applications to be properly reviewed, and the property manager is probably juggling a whole portfolio of properties that need their attention. If you haven’t heard back after a week or so, drop them a quick call to touch base. If the property manager is busy and isn’t free for a chinwag, then politely excuse yourself. By simply making the call and reintroducing yourself, the goal has been achieved. They know you’re there. Hereafter, it’s a waiting game.

Best of luck to all the happy rental hunters out there. The process can be tough because you have the ideal home in mind, and the market isn’t always on your side. So get in touch with the local agents and make your needs known so you can be added to a recall list