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Perth Land Prices are Rising

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"Homebuyers seeking residential land lots in Perth are paying top dollar for some of the smallest blocks in Australia" – Nicole Cox,

A recent report shows that the average price of land across the Perth metropolitan area is $730 a square meter, making Perth the second most expensive capital city in the country. However, Perth also has the lowest average block size, equal to Adelaide, at only 375m².

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All landlords know that there are two critical elements for successful property investment once the house or apartment has been purchased – getting a tenant in as soon as possible, and getting the highest rent possible (in relation to existing market conditions). With an abundance of rental properties available in the Perth market, it's important that your rental property stands out from the rest and gives you the maximum-possible rental income.

With many years of property management experience in the local Perth market, we've identified the 8 top tips to help you easily and quickly increase your property's rental value.

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Taking Your Property To The Next Level




In today’s digital age, people are used to consuming images and videos in remote locations prior to their purchase of a product or service. This exact same phenomenon applies to the rental market, whereby individuals will review an apartment or house’s interior and exterior images before booking a physical inspection.  

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