School holidays are a great time to spend time with the whole family without the stress and demands of every day school life. We’re currently half way through the school holidays here in Western Australia, and as patience is wearing thin and the wallet has become a lot lighter, we thought we would share some fun (and affordable) fun family activities that you can all enjoy!

Teach Your Kids To Bake

Kids love to be creative, so why not spend some time in the kitchen with a basic cookie or cupcake recipe and then let them loose with various things to decorate. Sprinkles, icing in a can and M&M’s are some things to have on hand for some colourful decorating.

Ask Your Kids to be Picasso

While we’re talking about being creative, sometimes the simple ideas are the best. Set the table up with paper, coloured pencils and crayons and ask them to design you a masterpiece! If you’re feeling brave, set up an old sheet in the backyard and let them loose with paint.

Create a Treasure Hunt

Give your kids a list of clues or create a map for them to find things that you’ve hidden around the home or garden. End the hunt with a little prize and watch them run around in excitement!

Be Active

Take advantage of the Spring weather and walk to the local park for them to run around or play on the playground. If the weather doesn’t hold up, why not create an “obstacle course” inside the house with pillows and couches?

Go Stargazing in Your Backyard

No need to leave the house, why not set up a tent in the backyard, use a firepit to roast marshmallows and spend the night under the stars! If too cold, set up the tent inside and enforce a technology-free rule so you can spend quality time telling each other stories and playing games.

Make DIY Jar Aquariums

Especially good after a day at the beach, ask your kids to collect shells and pebbles and place them in jars of water (use food colouring to turn the water blue) to create their own “aquarium” to keep!

Create a Fairy Garden in your Backyard

Your children will love to create a fairy garden in their backyard. Choose a space or container and use soil, moss, small plants, miniature figurines, stones, pebbles and more to create an imaginative and magical area which for them to ‘attract’ fairies!

Make Homemade Pizza

Place wholemeal wraps and bowls of fresh vegetables, cheese and tomato paste on the table and ask your kids to create their own pizza! It will keep them occupied and their lunch is sorted!

Visit Local Wildlife

Spring is the best time to go visit your local pond or lake. Watch your kids’ faces light up when they see the baby ducks and cygnets.

Take it Outside

The lunch you have already prepared will be so much more fun when you eat it outside on the lawn or you can even walk to the local park and have a picnic.

Don’t Forget to Relax

Make sure you unwind and spend some time relaxing as a family. While activities are great fun, why not just chill out in the family room and have a movie marathon! You can even pull out mattresses, bean bags, blankets and pillows and “camp out” on the family room floor. Don’t forget the microwave popcorn!

So, there you go, there’s no need to break the bank these school holidays! There are so many inexpensive activities that your kids can do that keeps them entertained and having fun.

The best part is, you can enjoy this quality time with your kids without the distractions of the computer or phone. Enjoy the sunshine!

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