Whether you’re looking to become a Perth property investor, or you’ve been managing several properties for decades, buying investment properties in Perth is loaded with risk but if done well can result in substantial long-term financial gains.

Expert Perth Property Investor Advice

To help you navigate the Perth property investor landscape we’ve spoken with a few of our property investor clients to get some experienced insight into why they chose to invest in the Perth property market, how they chose their property management company and their expert advice for budding Perth property investors.

Over several month’s we’ll be discussing Perth property investment and property management with property investors that hold portfolios of several Perth residential properties that are managed by Benchmark.

This week we’re speaking with John about how he sees the Perth property market and how working with Benchmark has improved rental returns and the value of the property.


How long have you been a property investor?

I have been a property investor in Perth for the past 12 years and internationally for over 25 years.


What made you invest here in the Perth property market?

I have always had a preference for property as an asset class given its relatively stable returns over the long term (both yield and capital growth). With Perth’s growing population and urban infill plans I believe residential property in Perth has attractive investment fundamentals.


Reflections From A Successful Perth Property Investor

How has the Perth property market changes for investors over the last few years?

We have seen a few cycles particularly around rental vacancies which have had a fairly significant impact on rental yields. We are hopefully seeing the start of another positive cycle with vacancies reducing and rentals increasing.


Describe the value of employing a property management company to handle your portfolio?

Most investors are busy people and simply don’t have the time to manage their investment properties properly. I have never tried to do this myself choosing rather to outsource this key role to the experts. In the end I think this has positively impacted my overall rental return but also the maintenance and therefore capital value of the property.


What made you choose to work with Benchmark Property Management?

I have been using Benchmark for 12 years having seen them advertising online as a Joondalup-based property manager. My experience from the start has meant there has never been any thought of moving from Benchmark.


What do you enjoy the most about working with the Benchmark Team?

The team are highly professional and go the extra mile in customer support. It really has made property investing very easy for me, particularly with the large portfolio that we have accumulated over the years. They handle all of the day to day issues and only contact me if there is a decision to be made.


What advice would you give to budding investors looking to invest in the Perth property market?

Don’t try and do the property management yourself, it’s just not worth it in the long run. You need to have patience and look at the big picture and long-term and don’t make knee jerk decisions based on short term market fluctuations.


The Benefits of Using an Experienced Property Manager

As John mentioned, working with Benchmark to manage his investment properties, not only freed up his time to focus on his other work but allowed the value of his property to grow. When choosing a Perth property management company, there are several benefits to partnering with a company that has experience and will be efficient at managing your properties.


Grow Your Property Investment Portfolio

You may be able to manage one property yourself but expanding your portfolio to even two or three properties is untenable if you work as well. Partnering with an experienced Perth property management firm will allow you to add properties to your portfolio while maintaining healthy rental yields.


Save Your Time and Increase Your ROI

By working with a reliable Perth property management company your own time will be saved from performing rental inspections, filling tenant vacancies, keeping your property to regulation and negotiating with renters and strata. To get the most from your property investment use knowledgeable property managers that can handle these situations professionally and efficiently.


Receive Market Advice on Your Next Investment

The team at Benchmark have been managing investment properties for years, providing maximum rental returns. We do this by having a constant understanding of where the Perth property market is at and using this knowledge to benefit our clients. If you’re looking to expand your Perth property investment portfolio, speak to our team right here for expert industry advice and comparative market analysis of properties in the area you’re considering.