Make your Property Rent-Ready

Renting out your property is like letting your teenager drive your car; you don’t know if you’ll get it back intact or with a wheel missing. Hiring a good Property Manager helps ensure it will be supervised, protected and returned to you in a similar condition as handed over.

To protect yourself and your property while also ensuring a pleasant experience for your tenants, you should consider the following:

Repair and Maintenance

Prepare your home like it’s going to get featured on “Selling Houses Australia”. Start with a complete inspection of your property and prepare a list of what needs to be fixed. Do not overlook the slightest issue that could cause discomfort to your tenants. Check that the light bulbs and switches in the house are working, filters and batteries have been changed, and replace or repair any damaged hardware.

Cleanliness Makes it Appealing

You want to make your property shine! The cleanliness of your home would make an immediate impression on potential renters when they tour it. So, ensure it is clean, fresh, and hygienic before the tenants move in. A simple wipe-down of surfaces will not be enough; deep cleaning is essential. Ensure that the oven is spotless, the shed or garage is ready to use, the blinds and drapes are clean, and the carpets have been steam cleaned. Do a complete pest control treatment and give a quick paint coat if necessary. The tidier the house, the better.

Securing Yourself with a Landlord's Insurance

Your insurance will come in handy if the tenancy goes downhill. You can’t always predict unemployment, health problems, or other changes of circumstances. A decent landlord insurance policy ideally covers you against any damages to the property, rent defaults, legal expenses, and tenant hardships.

Interiors and Furnishing

Interiors help make a lasting impression. Because tenants want to make their rental seem like home, aesthetics play a significant role in determining which house to rent.

Paint: Light colours like white or grey make the house appear more open, lighter and cleaner. Also, most interior design styles go well with earth tones, which is something tenants look for. Because of this, some tenants may be put off by bright or very dark hues.

Perfect Lighting: Lighting can make a massive difference in the appearance of your home. A home with lots of light appears more open, inviting, and sometimes more expensive. If you have a lot of windows in the house, it’s good to keep them clean, as clean glass lets in a lot of light.

Simple Furnishing: Whether your tenants are students, professionals, or families, it would appeal to everyone.

Creating Outdoor Magic

According to research, a garden increases a home’s value by 5 to 17%, depending on the area. A well-maintained yard adds to it. If your property has a garden, trim the grass and plant some fresh flowers. It would give a stunning impression of a healthy and cozy home.

Upgrade your Kitchen and Appliances

Your property will be ranked pretty high on the list if it has a well-fitted, easy-to-use kitchen with modern basics. Ensure all the appliances and utilities such as a washing machine, dishwasher, oven, stovetop or dryer are in good and safe working condition. You can even get them checked over by an electrician. Landlords must show that the property meets all the legal requirements to ensure tenant safety.

Look for an Efficient Property Manager

If you choose the right property manager, half of your battle is won. So exercise extreme caution while making this decision, as this will determine the outcome of your landlord’s experience.

What's next?

In a perfect world, you could rent out your home, tenants would never cause any damage, and you will never have to think about the property again. So if you have come this far and still decide to go solo on managing your property, make sure you keep our advice in mind. 

It’s frustrating when brokers or landlords fail to deliver on their commitments. As a result, tenants may become resentful and feel undervalued. If your tenant moves into the house and doesn’t feel like it was well-kept earlier, they’ll be less likely to look after it while they’re there. On the contrary, a spick-and-span house has higher chances of staying the way it is. Therefore, it becomes even more essential to make your property rent-ready. 

Once you are sure you have ticked all the checkboxes, your property is now set according to market standards and ready to welcome tenants, assuring you better returns in the rental real estate. Now all you have to do is find the right tenant and enjoy your investment benefits.