There are a few new changes to the RT Regulations that we would like to make our clients aware of.

Residential Tenancy Agreement

The Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement (Form 1AA) from now on will look slightly different as it has been amended to include a section for the lessor and tenant to consent to receive notices and information by email and/or facsimile pursuant to the Electronic Transactions Act 2011.

Partial Reimbursement of Security Bond 

The Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement (Form1AA – Part B) have also been updated to reflect changes relating to the partial reimbursement of security bond during a tenancy. Where, for example, a pet no longer lives at the residence, or the rent has been reduced, the difference in bond being held and that required can be refunded to the tenant/s.

Lease Extension

A FIXED TERM lease agreement can now be extended or varied without having to complete a whole new lease agreement as long as the parties and premises to the agreement remain the same. So now, this short and simple ONE page document will now replace Form 1AA for lease renewals.  All the terms of the previous lease remain the same with just the lease end date being extended.  Makes life much easier for all!! 🙂

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