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Property investment can be a sound strategy for your wealth creation goals. Yet to maximise returns, some factors make for a more solid investment property. Low vacancy, rental appeal, moderate maintenance costs and a well-managed property can contribute to growth and income potential.
With a proactive, solution-driven approach, we come to you with solutions, not problems. Doing the legwork and having the answers you need means less worry and removing the woes that often come with managing a property and tenants.

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Location, Location

Quintessential locations will always be sought by investors and tenants alike. So, spending time understanding a suburb’s attraction can make a difference in maximising your returns.

Neighbourhood features to look for:

  • Ready access to public transport
  • Walkability to shops, café, bars, transport
  • Close to desirable schools and quality childcare
  • Community facilities such as gym, pool, playgrounds, green spaces, recreation centres
  • A suburb set to transform through urban renewal projects
  • Neighbourhoods with good vibes through parklands, established trees and well-maintained LGA infrastructure
  • Close to major infrastructure such as the Perth, Joondalup or Fremantle CBDs
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Crunch the numbers

The expenses of an investment property

One of the questions property investors often ask us is, what costs am I up for? As a general rule, this guide outlines the type of owner costs, what’s defined as a deduction and what’s not, you can expect from an investment property.

  • Advertising for tenants
  • Bank charges
  • Body corporate fees and charges
  • Cleaning
  • Council rates
  • Electricity and gas
  • Gardening and lawn mowing
  • In-house audio/video service charges
  • Insurance (building, contents, public liability)
  • Interest on loans
  • Land tax
  • Lease document expenses (preparation, registration, stamp duty)
  • Legal expenses (excluding acquisition costs and borrowing costs)
  • Mortgage discharge expenses
  • Pest control
  • Property agent fees and commissions
  • Quantity surveyor’s fees
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Security patrol fees
  • Servicing costs (i.e. servicing a water heater)
  • Stationery and postage
  • Telephone calls and rental
  • Tax-related expenses
  • Travel and car expenses, inspection, rent collection, maintenance
  • Water charges

There are three types of expenses you can incur for your rental property that can be claimed over a number of income years:

  • Loan setup fees
  • Plant and equipment purchases (such as curtains)
  • Capital works deductions/building depreciation

There are a number of local depreciation companies in Perth that can assist in providing additional guidance for landlords, including Deppro, BMT and Depwest.

  • Acquisition and disposal costs of the property like stamp duty and settlement fees
  • Expenses not actually incurred by you (i.e. water or electricity charges used by your tenants)
  • The cost of your own labour in maintaining the property
  • Expenses that are not related to the rental of a property, such as expenses connected to your own use of a holiday home that you rent out for part of the year

Disclaimer: the information contained herein is not advice and is for general discussion purposes only. You should seek advice from a registered tax agent in regard to your personal situation.


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What do property managers charge

Comparing apples for apples

Working out what a property manager charges can be complicated. With so many rates and added extras, it can become all too confusing to compare management fees. One of the common landlord mistakes we see, is choosing a property manager that touts the lowest fee and the highest appraised rent. 

Here at Benchmark, we have a hassle-free set fee structure that’s completely transparent, so you know what you’re up for each month.

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