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Maintenance request form

You can now access your tenancy, maintenance and payment information online via our tenant portal. Here you can:

  • View property and lease information
  • See when your rent and bills are next due
  • Log and track the status of any maintenance requests
  • Send us a message at any time
  • View and download rent receipts
  • See upcoming events, like inspections and lease renewals


A tenant’s guide to renting a property in WA

An easy-to-read guide that explains your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Published by the Department of Commerce Publication.

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Tenancy application form

If you have seen a property you would like to apply for, download this form and complete every section, giving as much detail as possible. You will need to bring the completed form, together with Photo Identification (100 points) to our office in Joondalup. Do this as quick as possible to enable you a better chance of securing the property.

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Break your lease application form

Sometimes, peoples circumstances change and there is then the need to terminate your lease agreement earlier than was planned. We understand this and have provided a special form to fill out and communicate your request to the Owners of the property. All Tenants need to sign the form, acknowledging the various Fees and Charges that are applicable and get the completed form to our office ASAP.

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Pet application form

All pets kept at a rental property MUST be approved by the Owner of the property. Under No Circumstances is a Tenant allowed to keep a pet on any premises without Owners permission. Please complete and return the application form to your property manager BEFORE you get your pet. Unauthorized pets will not be tolerated.

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Get your bond back!

Download this handy guide/checklist to ensure you receive a full refund of your bond money.

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