There may be circumstances during a tenancy where ESSENTIAL or URGENT repairs are required and it’s important your property manager understands the difference.

As a Lessor or Property Manager, we are required under the Residential Tenancies Act to arrange (not complete) repairs to essential services within 24 hours and urgent repairs within 48 hours.

ESSENTIAL REPAIRS: Repairs to the following:

  • gas,
  • electricity,
  • a functioning refrigerator (if supplied),
  • sewage/septics/other waste water treatment, and
  • water (including the supply of hot water)

URGENT REPAIRS: Repairs necessary to the supply or restoration of an essential service, or to avoid:

  • Exposing a person to the risk of injury,
  • Exposing property to damage, or
  • Causing the tenant undue hardship or inconvenience

We provide each of our tenants with all our teams mobile numbers and preferred trades numbers in case of emergencies. According to the Residential Tenancies Act, if we do not arrange repairs within the prescribed time frames, tenants may have the MINIMUM repairs carried out by a qualified tradesperson and claim back the cost. The urgent repair costs must be reasonable.

At Benchmark we are very proactive with attending to repairs to keep all the properties under our care well maintained to protect your investment!

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