The importance of good photography to take your property to the next level!

In today’s digital age, people are used to consuming images and videos in remote locations prior to their purchase of a product or service. This exact same phenomenon applies to the rental market, whereby individuals will review an apartment or house’s interior and exterior images before booking a physical inspection.

Therefore, there is no doubt that professional photos are absolutely crucial for presenting properties in their best light. It has been suggested that you have 3 seconds to catch the eye of prospective tenants, so in the current rental market, you need great photos to be in the game.

Why Photography Is Important

Professional photographs of your listing will provide the added emotional impact for property necessary to facilitate quicker sales and less time on market. The skill of a photographer can be translated into a listing allowing the potential tenant to envision themselves engaging with the functionality and beauty of the space.

The most common argument has been made that professional photos often make properties appear larger than they are. In few instances this may be true however prospective tenants tend to visit a maximum of 10 properties before applying, so the rationale rings true – The more people through the door, the greater chances of leasing!

We recommend Viv from Real Property Photography who offer 12 retouched photos for $110 with next day delivered! It has been estimated in a 2014 study done by VHT Studios, that professional photography can sell a home up to 32% faster. So, this cost can be easily considered recovered with potentially weeks of reduced vacancy.


Virtual Imaging

Another revolutionary aspect of professional imaging comes in the form of virtual staging which is a cost-effect way of marketing property through using computer technology to add furniture and décor to a shot. RPP also offers virtual staging services – an absolute must if photos are to be taken of an empty/unfurnished property. The results we have seen with virtual staging have been remarkable! A few properties that had been listed for several weeks, once re-marketed with virtual staging rented within 7-10 days!

Virtual staging can be done for 1-3 images = $45/image, 4-6 = $42/image, 7-9 = $39/image, 10+ = $36/image. They also offer floor plan generation and aerial photography. Check out more of Viv’s beautiful work on his website!

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