One of the secrets to becoming a successful investor in the West is to consistently have your finger on the property investment Perth pulse. From popular property sites, to engaging investor forums, we’ve compiled a list of free (and paid) online resources available to keep savvy property investors in the loop.

The Importance of Reliable Sources

There is an old saying which suggests reporters are only as good as their sources, indicating the importance of having a variety of trustworthy and accurate resources to ensure you have all of the relevant facts. The same concept applies to property investing, with a host of online resources all providing unique insights and perspective around key growth suburbs, future opportunities, market trends and a host of other factors.

Whilst newspapers, media outlets and word of mouth have typically provided the most popular ways of keeping an eye on market activity, the expanse of the World Wide Web is providing investors with more resources than ever before – and often in a free capacity. Some of these are well-known and utilised, however there are also some hidden gems that are well worth exploring.

Popular Property Investment Perth Resources

We are all familiar with the big three property listing websites; (REA Group), Domain and REIWA, all of which provide useful property news, up-to-date sales activity and a range of information that can help identify value propositions for both residential and commercial.

Whilst these websites are predominately focused on listings and sales data, there are specific sections of each website which provide tailored information to assist with property investing. (REA Group)

A great place to start is the Investing Section of where a stack of blog content can be reviewed regularly for the latest market activity. Broken down into investing, landlords and investment tips, this provides a fantastic free resource that is up to date, relevant and geared towards maximising your investment returns.

The REA Group has also introduced its own Investor Centre specifically tailored to insights, market news, demand data and sales metrics to drive investor activity.


Rivalling REA Group is the increasingly popular Domain property listing website, which contains a wealth of data including residential, new development and commercial properties, as well as the latest market intel for property investment Perth experts.

The Property Investment section on their website contains a library of regular blog articles which focus on tips for budding investors, as well as market data and case studies to support ongoing investment opportunities.


The Real Estate Institute Of Western Australia (REIWA) website is another fantastic resource to keep in touch with property investing updates. They have a dedicated Investor Blog which provides regular articles focused on Perth property news and market insights to help you refine your ongoing investor activity.

With articles like ‘Where are Perth’s highest growth suburbs’ and ‘The five regional centres generating the highest rental yields for WA investors’ this is most definitely a useful resource to bookmark!

Core Logic (RP Data)

Seen as the ‘big brother’ of the property industry, Core Logic (previously known as RP Data) provides a property database that covers 98% of the market with an alleged 95% sales accuracy. With its own Property Investors section, the site provides insights and sales data on a paid subscription model, with subscribers able to view/download property analysis with a high degree of detail.

From researching the sale price of an existing property, to monitoring the renovations history of a potential sub division, Core Logic is a favourite amongst real estate agents for a deeper understanding of property value and market insights. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to keep in touch with the latest property news.

Less Popular Property Investment Perth Resources

Aside from the big three property websites, there are also a variety of free website resources which collate and distribute regular property news and market activity – all well worth exploring if property investing is a focus.

ASIC’s MoneySmart Website

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) have introduced a MoneySmart website which is specifically designed around property investing and property development, offering a wealth of knowledge and advice, in particular with financial guidance and considerations. Located in the Investing section of the website, browsers can download information on everything from investment warnings, managed funds, shares and financial advice, through to international investments and borrowing to invest.


You may not think Gumtree would provide much of a property resource, however local listings and classified ads provide another digital channel to source property investing opportunities. They have a Real Estate section which is great for showcasing properties for sale, as well as landing and office space. By circumventing the popular property sites, you can deal direct with sellers who are looking to drive enquiries for either available lots of land, through to properties themselves – without the need for expensive property listings on the leading property websites.

On The House

Seen as another rival to, investors have access to useful property updates and comparative sales reports via On The House. The best thing about the reports? They’re 100% free! The site boasts a selection of 12 million properties with estimated values, land sizes, sales history and a useful Suburb Research section which is great for identifying key markets.

Real Estate Investar

No, it’s not a spelling mistake, (with an “a”) is a handy resource to follow for sourcing specific property investing data. One of the major site benefits is the dedicated team of investment experts who are on hand to provide guidance and tips to assist in your property endeavours. This subscription-based service can provide specifics such as suburb reports, estimated property values and even an option to set up and track a property portfolio. The company also offers a range of property webinars which can provide additional value.

Calculator Websites

If you’re not already working with a financial planner, you may wish to consult various online resources to gage property lending rates and financing options. Whilst there are thousands of property calculator websites in the marketplace, Finder is a great place to start – with a host of information guides, Q&As and home loan comparison functions to get you started. Other sources include Genworth which is great for sourcing lenders mortgage insurance, and cost estimates, whilst Focus Property Management also has a useful calculator for estimating future tax deductions.

Please note, we would always advise consulting a financial professional before making any decisions.

Other Useful Resources

Another great place to engage in investor discussion is via discussion forums. Property Chat have introduced a great forum for community discussions around investment opportunities, however there are a host of forums online to follow, so we would advise researching a specific suburb or demographic region to find your most suitable local forum. Online publications such as Your Investment Property Magazine supplies an ongoing source of property news.

In Summary

The World Wide Web is a fantastic resource to identify a market data to assist investors in this highly competitive space. Savvy operators will often be the most informed, so it pays to keep your eyes on media coverage and market information to keep your finger on the property pulse.

We invite all property investors to keep informed with the latest property news by following our property blog for key market updates.