I often gets asked by new clients, what do tenants look for in a rental property?

Especially now as the rental market in Perth has slowed, some factors are more important than ever.

1) Cleanliness and order – No one wants to have to more into a property and have to start cleaning, tidying or repairing. Before having the first viewing, always make sure the property is fully ready. First impressions count!

2) Location – Location has always been a big factor and but now more than ever with vacancy rates sitting nearly 6%, tenants have much greater choice and very much consider convenience and proximity to shops, schools, employment, transport, parks and recreation.

3) Security – Besides the fact that all rental properties must meet the minimum security requirements, but going a step further to consider how a newcomer would feel in the house is important. Consider: is their open access around the back of the house?, do tress and hedges need to be cut back to provide open visibility?, would extra lighting around the external make the property feel more safe?

4) Modern Decor – Again with so much new construction, many clients have recognized this and taken the opportunity to renovate, refurb, and freshen up their investment properties. It’s those now that are being competitive in this market opposed to those that have become quite dated and could use a spruce up

5) Functunality/space – As a no brainer, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas etc must suit the prospective tenant. Besides this, functunality of the property such as leaving sheds or garages cleaned out or adding additional cupboards for tenant use also goes a long way.

6) Air conditioning/Heating – Being comfortable during the hot and cold months is often the deal breaking criteria. If budget allows, a powerful split system unit will easily pay off in the end.

7) Easy Maintenance – Easy and low maintenance properties are what tenants want. Property improvement is rarely a skill or enjoyment so for older homes with big gardens we highly recommend including a regular garden service in the property advertisement.

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